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Lavender Frizzle Bantam Chicks For Sale

Lavender Frizzle Bantam Chicks For Sale

  • Item Price 20 GBP
  • Phone Number 01248422422 / 07919911268


Gorgeous loving little bantam chicks
Rare breed lavender frizzle and white frizzle
Available to order now.
we currently have 2 week old lavender pekin bantam and lavender frizzle bantam chicks for sale. White pekin and white frizzle are availabel to order.
These are very friendly little chickens and make
Ideal family pets and garden hens.
They need to be kept indoors until they are 4-5 weeks. They can be easily kept in a box and love to be handled. ideal children pets.
They are happy to wonder around your garden.
They are good layers and don't dig up the garden
Very often come to call and don't mind being handled
The pekin bantams are a lovely soft lavender colour or pure white , we also have the Lavender frizzle's that have lovely curly feathers.
Very unusual rare breed birds.
chicks £20

point of lay females £25
cocks £10
or a pair for £30

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